RDCS System

Rapid Deployment and Oil Containment System

Our rapid deployment and oil containment system (RDCS) can be deployed offshore very quickly to collect and store oil leaking from a vessel or subsea oil and gas structure. Collected oil can then be offloaded to surface vessels for transport toshore and recycled. The RDCS system can be transported over land by truck or shipped by air and is readily deployable by an offshore support vessel.

Couvillion Group’s first priority is to the health and safety of the people working on our projects and our commitment to the environment.As a Marine Salvor our in-depth understanding and experience with subsea hydrocarbon containment resulting from low probability high consequence environmental incidents has enabled us to develop a subsea rapid deployment oil containment system that is readily deployable to any location around the world.

About the System

The RDCS (Rapid Deployment Oil Containment System) consists of an underwater three phase separator mounted to a base frame withmudmats and an ROV platform. The separator is placed subsea directly over the hydrocarbon leak either on the seabed or on a sunkenvessel to collect the leaking oil. Oil, gas and water are separated whereby the water is displaced out the bottom of the separator, gas isvented and oil is collected in the upper section of the separator until it can be offloaded using a remote operated vehicle or diverequipped with a hydraulic pump and an offloading hose to a surface vessel (see schematic).


Additional Capabilities